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RESOURCES: Selected Points Of Interest




Small Plant

CA Water Supply and Conservation: Scholar OLLI 2011 - California Water: Conservation and Supply


Is There Enough Water? Water Supplies Per SB 610 & Beyond:

March 24, 2014 - Association of Environmental Professionals Conference 2014



Topics of Interest:


Diablo Country Club: Country Club Golf Course Plans Sewer Plant as Newer Fix for Grass Water Woes - MercuryNews.com 08/05/2015


Water & Energy Sustainability: Higher Profits / Lower Costs - WestCAS 2010 Fall Conference Presentation

CA Water Supply and Conservation: June 23, 2010 - CA Water Supply

and Conservation Class Notes


Federal Principles & Guidelines: P&G Senate Comments


Federal Principles & Guidelines: Will Mandates In Federal Principles & Guidelines Tip The Balance To The Environment In Funding Water Resource Projects?



Relevant Links:

California Urban Water Conservation Council

California Water Alliance

Water Education Foundation


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