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Brezack & Associates Planning serves public agencies and private entities in developing solutions to complex water resources and environmental challenges.

alternative water supply

We identify and evaluate the inclusion of alternative water supplies for development of water portfolios that includes: conservation, recycled municipal wastewater, graywater and stormwater capture.

- the dunes at monterey bay
- private development client
- military community in monterey
Alternative Water Supply

We are a one stop shop for providing design build procurement services to our clients including: developing Requests for Qualifications, Statement of Qualifications evaluation procedures, risk identification, Request for Proposals, proposal evaluation procedures, and contracts. We operate as an owner representative during contract negotiations, permit acquisition, construction and operations. We also conduct workshops for clients not familiar with design-build procurement methods.

- the dunes at monterey bay
- private development client
- military community in monterey

Identifying a drought-proof supply of water is critical to many of our clients. Infrastructure is not always available to obtain recycled water from municipal sources. We have a team that is experienced in all aspects of implementing projects that involve construction and operations of Satellite Recycled Water Facilities. We perform audits of operating facilities and develop annual reports on operations for permit compliance.

- coronado golf course modernization project
- pacific grove local water project
- golden rain foundation
Satellite water recycling facility (SWRF)
California Environmental quality act (CEqa)

We have decades of experience conducting CEQA analysis for resource sustainable operations, industrial facilities, and construction and operations of recycled water facilities. These documents are either Mitigated Negative Declarations or Environmental Impact Reports. We  also quickly complete Notices of Exemptions that meet emergency exemption requirements of one of several classes of CEQA exemptions.

- city of pleasant hill
- pacific grove coastal bluffs
Regulatory + Environmental Permitting
regulatory + Environmental permitting

B&AP has a successful track record of completing coordination and gaining early input from regulatory agency staff. This is accomplished through a transparent process to provide expert opinion.

We provide assistance in finding appropriate funding opportunities for projects and in the completion of grant and loan applications. The foundation of our funding and regulatory permitting assistance is built upon trusted relationships and honest communications with agency staff. This is backed with accurate planning and sound science. As required by the magnitude of the project and regulatory complexity, we can employ a suite of scoping tools that we have developed and codified as a "Permit Coordination Center," or PCC.

We provide assistance in a variety of permit approvals from the Clean Water Act (404, 401, WDR's), Sections 7 & 10 Consultation from the Endangered Species Act, 1602 Agreements from the Department of Fish & Game, as well as Coastal Development Permits from local agencies and the California Coastal Commission. Wherever possible, we seek and obtain exemptions from regulatory permits, while protecting the environment and maintaining public health and safety requirements.

these places
Water Resouce Planning
water resource planning

Water Supply Assessments (WSAs) have been prepared by us for several of our developer clients including Shea Homes and the Glorious Land Company. We are very familiar with the requirements of SB 221 AND 610 that govern the preparation of WSAs for new developments. After construction, we can also audit these projects to ensure water conservations measures are working.

- glorious land company
- dunes at monterey bay
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